Hi. I'm Jason.

I'm a product designer. I enjoy acronyms like UX and RWD, and I also enjoy donuts (but only on Saturdays).

A couple of things I believe:

Experience is the most important aspect of design.

But it's part of a larger stack that all has to work together to create a great product.

Responsive design is not an option or a nice-to-have, it's a reality.

However, all mediums need to be considered.

Actually, I wrote a post on Medium about it.

Finally, I believe whole-heartedly in simplicity and usability.

A product (or any project, really) should be useful, usable, and then beautiful.

A couple of things I've done:


Homepage redesign

UX • UI • Web


Product design

UX • UI • Web • Video • Marketing

Simply Carbs

Product design


Hi. I'm so glad you're here.

Here's the thing: I start with mobile. To view, would you mind resizing your browser?

Just grab that bottom right corner and make your window smaller, as thin as it'll go. Thanks!