Hi. I’m a designer.

I’ve been acquainted with the design world professionally for about 13 years. Although my title has changed a few times, I firmly believe that design is embedded in everything we do and see. From our phones to signs to cars, it has all been designed. Over the years I’ve done my part to add to that design, working freelance, in tiny publishing companies, mid-level boutique agencies, and multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 companies. In these places I’ve learned that the experience is the most important part to get right, and that I’m dedicated to solving problems through the eyes of the user while meeting business objectives.


Not a giant fan of clowns.


More interestingly, I’ve been to over 40 of the 50 united states (largely by way of automobile), gotten paid to jump down giant obstacles on a skateboard, snowboarded in -22 degree weather, climbed the Great Wall of China at 6 AM, grown up in Alaska, been in the middle of a protest in Warsaw, played volleyball inside a bar in Mexico, and I’ve worked in customer service.

Feel free to contact me if you decided not to read all that and want to ask something specific.

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August 29 2014

What? I happen to enjoy user flows.

User flows always start like this: And then end up like this. A sort of hybrid user flow/wireframe: