Globoforce Homepage Redesign

Project Goals:



One of my favorite projects of my entire career was the redesign of this homepage. I had always wanted to do a looping header with a video that plays in place behind the nav without a lightbox. Since we had tons of great testimonial video, this was the perfect time. I also wanted to do large simple line art and full screen photography to help simplify our message overall.

This was an extremely collaborative effort invloving multiple sets of stakeholders from multiple departments. Luckily for me, I was involved in every step. From the beginning concepts, IA, wireframes, and multple sets of comps, to how the looping video was edited I was involved. I even got to work closely with the development team, and was able to do some real-time interaction tweaks before production.

Trade-offs were many in varying degrees, but the main things we had to push through were the video technology — we hadn't done it yet, and had only seen it done poorly the way we wanted it (thus we were very congnizant of page load times). Also, the fact that it had to end up in Wordpress was a hurdle. We got it done though, and the results were are all positive.

See it live:

A few shots of the project:

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