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GoPantry is a mobile app that automates your kitchen. How many times have you walked out of work and thought, "what should we have for dinner?" This app answers that, and even tells you what ingredients you already have (like that macadamia oil you bought once 2 years ago), and what you'll need to pick up. It also gives you recipe suggestions and beer/wine pairings. Yay!

In developing the UI there were a few main concepts, it had to be simple, had to be flexible to accommodate different tastes, and had to be easy and intuitive enough that it could be used while a person is actively shopping. For example, your shopping list is autogenerated based on your habits, so milk that you buy every 7 days will be on there, but wasabi paste, just because you bought it once, will not.

Research tells us that 52% of shoppers are using technology actively while shopping, and are spending $197,600 per week per store. Compelling numbers that present a couple of revenue streams, but more importantly, revenue streams that won't distract, annoy, or otherwise negatively affect the user. We're currently working hard to an MVP of this product to the market. We've had a lot of great interest, both in the form of interested users and potential investors.

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